The Project Plan

Preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime trip to London with my Global Advertising & PR class has made me realize just how many people are out there that could someday see my work. While the idea is tremendously exciting, it also makes me a little bit nervous. I know that, globally, there is a significant difference in what cultures find entertaining and, more specifically, what they find funny.
doritosI’ve observed that humor is very prevalent in advertising in the United States. When a great gag or one-liner is executed correctly, a campaign can go viral. I think that everyone enjoys a good laugh, not just folks in the US, but people everywhere! No matter demographic differences, I think that all people appreciate a little comic relief in their day-to-day lives. The problem is that we do not all laugh at the same things. Through my research on Doritos® advertising strategies, I will compare and contrast U.K. and U.S. campaigns to better understand differences in humor between two countries separated by a common language.

It is essential for not only my future career in the advertising business, but also my journey to London, for me to gain an understanding of the global differences in humor. Knowing these differences will be critical in effectively communicating with a foreign audience and in creating successful campaigns. Plus, the last thing I want is to be chased through the streets of London by pitchfork and torch-bearing locals that were offended by a gesture or joke that I made.

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